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My social media templates

With this collection of expertly crafted social media templates, you'll have the tools and guidance you need to master every aspect of your digital presence. 

My library of templates encompasses every stage of your social media journey, from determining your strategy to crafting compelling content to reporting.

All templates are designed to be user-friendly and adaptable to any business or industry.

SM strategy mockup

Social media strategy template

Your blueprint for crafting a cohesive & effective social media strategy.

Social media strategy template (website)

Download the template I use every day to plan successful social media strategies for my clients!


What's included: 

  • A fully customisable Canva template you can use for yourself or your clients

  • A complete social media strategy outlined over 34 pages

  • Notes on each slide to explain how to complete the template for yourself

  • Real-life examples & content ideas

You need this template if:

✅ Your social media strategy is currently just in your head and not on paper (or stored digitally)

✅ You aren't sure what a social media strategy includes - I'll take you through the process step-by-step


✅ You want to take social media more seriously in 2024 - your strategy is the first step to a successful social media presence


✅ You are not the only person working on your social media pages - having a strategy written out ensures that everyone on your team (e.g. your VA) is on the same page


✅ You are a SMM or digital marketer and want to upgrade your strategy delivery for your clients

IG feed example

More templates coming soon...

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