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Hi, I'm Hanna!

Your social media bestie and #1 cheerleader.  

After finishing my Master's degree in Marketing in 2019, I started managing social media accounts for businesses in a variety of niches (weddings, interior design, authors...)

In 2020 (yes, amidst a pandemic), I took the leap & started my own business to provide even more value to entrepreneurs who wanted their work to be seen online. 

Since then, I have managed over 25 social media pages & taught more than 350 students in coaching sessions, workshops & courses.​

Blonde girl leans on her right arm as she sits at her desk and smiles to the camera

Why work with me?

Hanna Rauch, blonde girl sitting on a sofa with a blue cup in her hand, looking at the camera

If you are sick of hearing "post video content" or "just engage more", it's time to ditch the self-proclaimed Insta gurus and work with someone who has actual qualifications (🙋🏼‍♀️ Hi!).

With a Master's education from three reputable European universities and 4 years of experience, I understand what it takes to set up a successful social media marketing strategy.

As an absolute nerd, there aren't many things that excite me as much as the latest marketing insights & creative ideas. 


social media accounts worked on in 4 years


entrepreneurs coached 


followers across Insta, Facebook, TikTok & Linkedin

✔︎ Expert in the field with a university degree in Marketing.

✔︎ 2x Meta Certified 

✔︎ Your biggest cheerleader.

Like, really. I will be your most committed fan. Just ask my clients.

✔︎ No empty promises but a sound strategy with achievable goals.

✔︎ Always working closely together with you so your social media presence is as authentic as possible.

✔︎ So much more than just your average social media girl.

Hanna Rauch
Meta certified community manager
Meta certified digital marketing professional

Ready to get to work?

Let's discuss your needs, goals, and ideas to see if we are a good fit. 

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