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Hanna Rauch, blonde woman with blue blazer, sitting at a desk, smiling at the camera

Strategy Deep Dive

Let a social media expert review your strategy & get a bespoke blueprint with actionable recommendations.

Does this sound like you?

You are about to launch a new (digital) product/brand/
business/app/membership/course or are wanting to take your business in a different direction. You want to take a moment to pause & realign your strategy to make sure you launch with a BANG 💥.

You are about to hire a VA or Social Media Manager for the first time and want to set a strategic direction for them.

You already have someone on your team but you want them to work with more strategic direction.

You’ve outsourced before but still find yourself super involved in your social media content planning.

You want to monetise your knowledge and increase your revenue but aren’t sure what needs to be posted on your socials to make that happen.

You know how important it is to be strategic but so far, social media has been one of the areas in your business that don’t have a proper strategy in place.

You're an expert at what you do. But your socials don't reflect that. Let's change that.

The Strategy Deep Dive

Let me review your accounts with a fresh set of eyes and tell you exactly what needs to be changed or optimised ✨


This is not just a superficial Instagram audit where I look at your page and give you tips like “add a CTA” or “use prettier pictures”. This is a much more comprehensive audit where we look at things like: Who is working on your socials? Do they have the necessary skills? What is your overall marketing strategy? What role does social media play in it? Should you hire a full-time employee or a contractor? 


The scope of the blueprint will be tailored to your specific business situation and what you want to achieve.

Hanna Rauch, a blonde woman in a pink blouse smiles at the camera

This is the right service for you if...

  • So far, you have grown your business mainly through referrals or word of mouth but your socials have never been a major source of enquiries.

  • You have limited time available and want to work on the things that actually make a difference but you aren’t sure what that is in terms of social media.

  • You have made investments in the past that haven't paid off or you are about to decide on what to invest in.

  • You have already made a first hire in your business but your VA is still lacking strategic direction when it comes to social media posting.

  • The effort required to achieve results on social media has left you feeling a bit resentful.

The alternative?

You continue to waste time (and money) working on things that don't bring results and you leave profitable opportunities on the table.

So, what's included?

  • A get-to-know-each-other call in which I ask you all my burning questions about your business & why you have booked this audit. I don’t do superficial Insta audits, I dive deep into your business.

  • A detailed blueprint tailored to your business that includes my findings and an action plan for you. Don’t worry, I won’t just dump a huge to-do list on you - there is plenty of support available.

  • We finish with a handover call to go through the audit report together & discuss any next steps. 

Your investment: $1300 NZD​

Ready to get going?

1. Grab a spot in my calendar to kick off. Before we speak, I’ll send through a questionnaire that needs to be completed before our kick-off call.


2. On our kick-off call, I get to know your business, understand what you want to get out of the audit and we’ll organise getting me access to all your juicy rich data!


3. I dive deep into your account and your current strategy. I will pick it apart, identify what’s not working and find solutions that will help you grow your business further. 

4. You get your blueprint delivered & you book a time for our handover call. 


5. You now know exactly what you need to do to nail your social media - and you can use the blueprint to train other resources in your business so that everyone is on the same page.

Hanna was able to very quickly pinpoint what we needed out of this audit. The report blew us away. It was comprehensive, offered interesting and creative solutions and tasks for us to improve our social presence.
The follow up call taught me so much and actually made me excited to get cracking on our socials!

Anneliese, Magic Beans 

The strategy deep dive will...

Provide you with clarity around what investments are worth making & what strategies work for your business

Maximise your investment in your existing team members

Increase your team's capability

Save you time because you don't have to be as involved in the day-to-day social media planning

Increase your revenue as you will be able to monetise your knowledge & generate more high-quality leads

Hanna Rauch, blonde woman in a light green blazer stands with a cup of tea in her hand

It saves you time & money in the long term because you know exactly what to focus on & what to invest in. 

Hanna Rauch, a blonde woman sitting at her desk and writing notes in her notebook

Not sure if this is the right service for you?

This audit isn't for everyone and that's okay. 

If you have some more questions or would like to get to know me better, click below.

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