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Everything you need to know about Threads

With more than 30 million new users on the first day alone, Threads has been launched with a BANG 💥

Here's everything you need to know about Meta's newest app:

What is Threads?

Threads is a text-based app that, if we are honest, looks and feels an awful lot like Twitter. But I guess that was the whole point. While you can also post photos, videos and GIFs, the focus lies on short text messages that you post to the general feed for everyone to see.

How do I sign up to Threads?

To join Threads, you simply have to download the app (it's currently not yet available in the EU) and use your Instagram account to sign up. The seamless sign-up process was one of the things that impressed me the most about Threads so far: it automatically claims your Insta username and imports your photo, bio and your links. All that's left to do is write your first "thread".

So, what do you post on Threads?

Good question. To which we don't have an answer, just yet.

I have seen everything from funny memes, useful tips on a variety of topics to unhinged and almost feral posts by people I have never heard of before (but instantly gave a follow, because that's my vibe ✨)

My tips to get started:

1. As with any new platform, experiment. Nobody knows what they're doing on there and strategy works. Post your (unfiltered) thoughts on topics you care about and see what resonates.

2. Get a feel for the app and what kind of content is posted there.

3. Keep in mind that most people who will see your posts won't have heard of you and your business before, so make sure you post content that gives strangers a reason to follow.

4. Curate your experience. You can decide to follow everyone you are following on Instagram (automatically, once they also join Threads) or follow people manually. Personally, I have enjoyed discovering NEW people and only following those people from Insta who posted funny or insightful content on Threads.

Do you need to be on Threads as a business?

It's a free world, you don't need to do anything you don't want to BUT there are benefits to being an early adopter: you get to shape the platform & its content along with others, you can easily grow a following because nobody is following anyone yet and you learn as you go. It's a fun way to get out some thoughts you wouldn't post on Instagram, make new connections and build brand awareness.

...what about Twitter?

We'll have to see in the next few months if Threads is really going to replace Twitter but it has been welcomed by many people who never warmed up to Twitter (me included 🙋🏼‍♀️) but are now keen to give this a go.

And Elon has already threatened to sue Meta for copying Twitter which tells me that he sees the new app as a serious competitor.

If you decide to give it a go, follow me on Threads!

It's a fun little space but it can get addictive pretty fast 🫣

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