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How to run successful Facebook ads for your business - Zeden Cider case study

In this blog post, we dive deep into a real-life Facebook ad case study to show you what makes a successful campaign. You'll learn how a fun competition helped Zeden Cider achieve impressive reach, engagement, and brand awareness while staying within Meta's strict advertising guidelines.

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"Find your ultimate Zeden" summer campaign:

"Find Your Ultimate Zeden" - a summer campaign that wasn't just about pushing product – it was about igniting fun, fostering community, and celebrating the beauty of Aotearoa New Zealand.

The challenge:

Increase brand awareness & engagement for Zeden Cider on both Facebook and Instagram pages, while staying within Meta's advertising guidelines for alcoholic products.

The campaign:

Share your top location. Nominate now!

Together with other NZ brands, we started a competition asking Kiwis to nominate their ultimate New Zealand summer spot. The nominations poured in – over 140 unique locations! – sparking passionate discussions and showcasing the beauty of New Zealand.

Our initial nomination post 👉🏼

We then handpicked the top eight contenders and let participants vote for their favourites in various battles. In the end, Whangamatā took the title of Ultimate Zeden 🥳

Most popular nominations

The results?

  • An incredible reach of 18k & more than 29k impressions, putting Zeden on the map like never before & increasing the pool of people who would see their evergreen ads.

  • Over 440 comments and 2600+ interactions across both platforms. These weren't just clicks; they were conversations, little battles as well as photos and sharing of beautiful memories.

  • Low cost per result due to the high quality of the ad (thanks, Laura from Creative Jam!) and high engagement.

  • Participants loved the campaign. They viewed it as a fun competition, not a forced pitch.

Voices from the community
Voices from the community

What you can learn from this campaign for your own FB ads:

  • Turn your Facebook ads into engaging experiences: Competitions, games, and interactive elements can spark buzz and generate genuine interest.

  • Visual storytelling matters. We partnered with a graphic design expert Laura Feaveryear (Creative Jam) to create stunning visuals that captured the essence of the brand and resonated with the audience.

  • Align your objectives with your strategy. Choose the appropriate ad objective when setting up your campaigns (if you want engagement, choose engagement; if you want sales, choose conversions, etc.) Be honest with the platform about what you want to achieve, and they'll help you get there.

  • Invest in your campaign. A healthy budget fuels effective targeting and optimises results.

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