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Feeling overwhelmed?

Socials by Hanna social media manager and coach in Paraparaumu New Zealand

You struggle to think of new post ideas, let alone have the time to post, engage, and attract new clients. 

You post regularly, yet you are not seeing the results you were hoping for and your Instagram page is not gaining any traction. 

You have tried a few different things but somehow it all just doesn't work and you start to feel discouraged. 

Work with me

Social Media


You don’t have time to manage the social media pages yourself or you just prefer an expert to take care of that?


You prefer to manage your socials yourself but still need some support from an expert?

Hi, I'm Hanna!

Originally from Italy, I moved to New Zealand in 2021 and am now on a mission to help kiwi solopreneurs increase their visibility on social media & stop them from leaving money on the table.

I'm not your average Instagram guru who promises unachievable results in the quickest period of time. I'm committed to helping you achieve social media success with a sound strategy that saves you time & brings you new clients - sustainably. 

Did you know that I am also a Meta Certified Community Manager?

Socials by Hanna Social Media Manager

NOW is the time to show everyone your potential & sell out your services so your business can help you live the life you envision.

You don't have to worry every month where your next client is going to come from. Or feel guilty about having to work instead of spending time with your family.

I'm here to help.

Ellen Mackenzie

I have worked with many contractors during my time as a business owner and Hanna has to be one of the most switched on and efficient workers out there!

I really loved how organised she was and everything was delivered on time or on most occasions, early.

The five months we spent working together were a real joy and I would recommend Hanna's services to anyone.

My 1:1 coaching program

The coaching program for female online service providers who want to market their services on Instagram effectively - WITHOUT having to spend hours & hours on the app every day. 

The Profitable Instagram Academy

What my clients say

Socials by Hanna social media manager and coach in Paraparaumu New Zealand

"I was so pleased to have hired Hanna for our Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest accounts.


We saw steady growth in followers and engagement.


She is a wonderful communicator, hard-working, super lovely, and very professional!

Highly recommend."

"Thanks to Hanna we managed to build the number of followers in a healthy manner. 

Our engagement levels were higher than before & it was the first time we had ever made sales through Instagram!"

Socials by Hanna social media manager and coach in Paraparaumu New Zealand

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