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Hanna Rauch

Social Media Strategy & Consulting for ambitious women running service businesses.

Hanna Rauch, a blonde woman is sitting at her desk and leans on her right hand. She smiles to the camera
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I know you are wearing a lot of hats as a business owner...

You have been posting on Instagram for a while now but somehow your inbox stays empty. 

After a long day of working with clients, you have zero ideas or motivation to post on your Insta. Oh well, guess it will have to go on tomorrow's to-do list. Or next week's.

You feel discouraged by constant algorithm updates & platforms that seem to change every second day. (Are reels still a thing? Should I be on TikTok now?🤔)

You constantly hear "I have to think about it" or "I'll get back to you" instead of "Heck yes, sign me up!"

NOW is the time to show everyone your potential & attract clients you love.

Hi, I'm Hanna!

Originally from Italy, I moved to New Zealand in 2021 and am now on a mission to help entrepreneurs increase their visibility & profitability on social media.

I'm not your average Instagram guru who promises unachievable results in the quickest period of time. With a Master's degree in Marketing & 4 years of practical experience, I'm committed to helping you achieve social media success with a sound strategy that saves you time & brings you new clients - sustainably. 

Did you know that I have also been certified by Meta twice?

Hanna Rauch, a blonde woman is sitting in front of a grey sofa, holding a cup of tea and smiling in the camera
An orange and white certification badge with the text "Meta certified Community Manager"
A teal and white certification badge with the text "Meta certified Digital Marketing Associate"

Guest lecturer at:

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Work with me

1:1 Coaching

You and I, working on your social media in 60min sessions.

One-off or multiple sessions available.



✔︎ Great for those times when you have a specific problem at hand & need to pick my brain.

Strategy Deep Dive

Let an expert take a look at your social media strategy & get a comprehensive report full of personalised recommendations.


✔︎ Great if you have tried different things but aren't sure what's not working.


& workshops

Learn about the latest social media strategies & updates to take your business to the next level, all from the comfort of your home.


✔︎ Great if you want to learn at your own pace & don't need custom solutions. 

Ellen Mackenzie, a girl surrounded by pink and glittery balloons, smiling happily

I have worked with many contractors during my time as a business owner and Hanna has to be one of the most switched on and efficient workers out there!

I really loved how organised she was and everything was delivered on time or on most occasions, early.

The five months we spent working together were a real joy and I would recommend Hanna's services to anyone.

My podcast

The podcast that helps entrepreneurs get visible on social media. 

The latest trends in the industry, practical tips and professional opinions on all things social media
- presented by me!

Let's Talk socials! The social media podcast and a blonde girl looking at her phone

What my clients say

Mater Beauty case study

"If you are looking for help with social media and are struggling to choose between all the average and same-ish sales pitches from all the social media "professionals" around - STOP, and talk to Hanna.

I trialled working with two other SM people in the past and Hanna is in a whole different universe from them."

Find me on Instagram!

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