1:1 coaching program

The Profitable Instagram Academy

The coaching program for female online service providers who want to market their services on Instagram effectively - WITHOUT having to spend hours & hours on the app every day. 

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You know you have a fantastic service to offer & you're good at what you do...but somehow, you are struggling to get visible & to attract the right clients on Instagram.

Are you...

...sick of spending hours & hours on Instagram and not seeing any results?

...tired of posting
and hoping for engagement only to see nobody liked your post, let alone book your service?

...ready to set up a REAL strategy instead of crossing your fingers every time you post?

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Then you're in the right place!

Profitable Instagram Academy is the  4-month coaching program that helps you to market your services on Instagram with real CONFIDENCE. 

Stop winging it & start booking clients with ease!

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NOW is the time to show everyone your potential & sell out your services so your business can help you live the life you envision.

You don't have to worry every month where your next client is going to come from. Or feel guilty about having to work instead of spending time with your family.

I'm here to help.


Hi, I'm Hanna!

A year ago, I was stuck in my 9-5 job, commuting more than 3h every day to sit at my desk and feel like I am wasting my potential. 

Today, I run my own business where I get to help others to get visible online & sell out their services - all that while I travel & explore beautiful New Zealand!


Hi, I'm Hanna!

A year ago, I was stuck in my 9-5 job, commuting more than 3h every day to sit at my desk and feel like I am wasting my potential. 

Today, I run my own business where I get to help others to get visible online & sell out their services - all that while I travel & explore beautiful New Zealand!

If I can do it, you can too.

When I started my business after our move to New Zealand, I had 0 clients and 0 connections.

10 months later, I have a thriving network and a waitlist for my Social Media Management services. 


Meet Esther!

Even though Esther knew how to market her clients' businesses, she felt overwhelmed when it came to promoting her own services.

Fearing judgment of others and feeling confused around all the different systems to have in place, Esther procrastinated & felt paralyzed when she had to make decisions.

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Esther,, SMM

After working together on limiting beliefs & on establishing systems that worked for HER, Esther has now just moved to Thailand and has officially launched her business - living the digital nomad dream life!


What's included?

Over the course of 4 months, you'll learn everything there is to know about using Instagram PROFITABLY for your service-based business. We're not just talking about the quick hacks & trending audios you should use but really focus on establishing a sustainable strategy based on your needs & goals.

8 bi-weekly 1:1 Zoom sessions 

20+ exclusive handbooks & video tutorials

  • Ideal client handbook to help you define your target audience

  • Optimised profile checklist

  • Mission statement exercise

  • Content pillars handbook to establish your very own pillars & make posting less time-consuming

  • Video tutorials

  • ...and much more!

CLARITY on what you are doing & the personalised support you were missing so far

Extra 1:1 session on a topic of your choice

Direct access to me for the duration of the program

Your own CTA bank & Caption Starter bank to help you write captions that convert

Hashtag bank with over 300 hashtags for service-based businesses

6 months access to my exclusive FB support group

in value


I am much clearer about what to post and when. I learned it's more about posting valuable content as opposed to posting every day. Content pillars are going to be a game-changer for me.

- Helen,
Podcast Manager

I'm not your average Insta guru!

Likes & follows are nice to have but last time I checked, they don't pay the bills, right?

That's why my focus lays in building a strategy that attracts the right high-quality clients for your business and helps you to spend your time with YOUR clients. 

With a Master's degree in Marketing and experience in managing more than 15 social media pages, I know what works & what doesn't.

You can keep on chasing the next social media hack, use trending audio & just wing it, hoping someone will click on that "enquire now" button.


You can decide to work with someone who has spent the last 7 years learning about Service Marketing principles & putting them into practice.

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More from
successful graduates:

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Life Coach

"Like most people, I was familiar with Instagram and Facebook for personal posting but felt COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED when it came to posting for my business. I felt it was taking more time and effort than it should. WORKING WITH HANNA WAS THE BEST THING I COULD HAVE DONE. Her advice was practical and made a lot of sense. Hanna made me realise the importance of posting valuable content as opposed to posting every day. I loved working with Hanna!"

This program is
for you if you are...

An (online) service provider

Sick of trying out the next hack & still being stuck in the same place

Wanting to FINALLY set up your Insta as your main lead generation tool

Think: SMM, graphic designer, web designer, personal brand, podcast manager, VA, coach,...

It's not for you if...

...you just want me to do all the work for you

...you are just in it for more followers that will never turn into clients

...you are a product-based business

...you don't have clarity about your services

A glimpse into
the program...

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I believe that your social media strategy is just like a Greek temple. It consists of a solid foundation, fabulous (content) pillars & it needs to be maintained over a long period of time.

And that's exactly the reason why The Profitable Instagram Academy is divided into the 4 phases mentioned below. Each phase lasts for 1 month & focuses on 1 specific part of building your temple.

Coaching roadmap.png

Out with the old

Limiting beliefs & mindset
Social Media Basics for Business

In with the new

Ideal client
Optimising your profile

All things content

Purpose of content
Great content & schedule

Growth & consistency

Growth strategies 
Time management & consistency

4 months
- 8 sessions


It's time to invest in yourself & your business.

Stop leaving money on the table & start building a social media presence that brings in clients while you sleep. Or sip a cocktail at the beach. Or spend time with your kids. You get the idea!


Most flexible

4 Payments

NZD $585*

*USD $395

Best value

NZD $1950*
20% discount

1 Payment

*USD $1320

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I struggled with developing efficient ways to come up with content ideas & understanding what people wanted and needed to hear from me.

After working with Hanna, I have increased confidence & the knowledge I need to manage my Instagram page.

- Kelly,
FemTech business owner

By the end of this program you will have:

Clarity on what to post & how to leverage your Instagram page so it generates leads while you enjoy life

A better understanding of your target audience & what they need to hear from you

The right tools & habits to maintain a strategy for the long term without having to spend hours on Instagram

And no. You don't need 10k followers to sell out your services. I did it with under 2k!



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Still not

I totally understand. It's a big investment and you might have some more questions that haven't already been answered. 

No worries at all, let's talk it out! I want to make sure that this is the right program for you so you can get the support you need.