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Episode #15: Social media habits you should leave in 2021

2021 is coming to a close and I think there are 3 habits that you should not be taking with you to 2022. This blog post will help you to start the new year fresh and be more successful on Instagram than ever before.

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1) Posting on the go:

There are definitely mixed opinions about this because some people say if you schedule your content in advance, then you can't be as present as if when you post it manually. I personally think that the quality of your content is one of the most important things that you should focus on when it comes to your social media game and mostly content isn't great for two reasons:

  • You don't know your target audience or what they need to hear

  • You are constantly running behind schedule and have to come up with SOME content so you can post something

It's always one of these two if not both combined. Both of these topics will be discussed in separate sessions in my coaching program that is launching in January but (waitlist) but here's what you can do in the meantime:

a) Get to know your target audience really well. You can do this with surveys, market research calls, or polls on Instagram.

b) Set up systems that work for you:

Content calendars in combination with scheduling tools are really helpful to plan out content in advance and to have it go out automatically without you having to sit there and post everything manually. If you don't want to invest in a paid content calendar tool at this point, you can download my free content calendar template. It's really useful and it's actually what I used when I just started out!

2) Posting content that doesn't convert:

This is literally the reason why you aren't getting new clients from your Instagram and I see this all the time.

With content that doesn't convert I am referring to posts like "Hey, here's my new blog post!" that is really easy for you to post but doesn't really offer any additional value to your audience.

The problem with these posts is that most people don't have sales funnels set up that could help lead the potential client through the customer journey. If you do, then, by all means, go ahead and promote all of your blog posts!

What should you post instead?

  • Content that builds a connection between you and your audience

  • Content that shows potential clients that they need your service

  • Content that shows what transformation they can expect

3) Focusing on vanity metrics:

Vanity metrics =

Likes, comments, views,...

Every time I open a Facebook group there is someone there saying that they aren't getting enough engagement or that their reach is low and obviously that they are shadowbanned (see episode 14 for more info on the shadowban).

Of course, engagement is important but, in the end, if you don't see a difference in your bottom line and your bank account what's the point? Vanity metrics are good to track but they are not necessarily goals that will help you to be successful with your Instagram strategy because they don't really track if you're content converts.

What can you do instead?

Focus on non-vanity metrics and the goals that are related to them, for example:

  • Are you having high-quality conversations in your DMs? Try to assess whether you have high-quality sales conversations or maybe even how often people inquire with you

  • Look at your website taps! It's great when people engage on your socials but if they don't click through to your website then they can't really buy from you, right? A lot of people use the engagement strategy and aren't actually interested in your content. So, by focusing on vanity metrics, you are not capturing the full picture. Website taps and sales are much more reliable metrics!

I hope you will now be able to leave these social media habits in 2021 & make the new year your best year yet!

Talk soon,



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