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Episode #10: Never run out of content ideas again!

Many business owners struggle with knowing what to post. You might be using social media in your free time already but posting content as a business is a completely different thing.

Where can you go to find inspiration for content when the creative juices aren't flowing? Find out in this blog post!

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1) Set up content pillars:

Content pillars are 3-5 topics that you use over and over again when you post content on your social media pages. They are the foundation of your content strategy.


As a Social Media Manager, my first content pillars could be social media tips and a second one could be insights into my day-to-day business life.

2) Repurpose your existing content:

Many people don't repurpose or recycle content even though it's the smartest thing you can do! You don't have to reinvent the wheel every single time you post.


  • Turn your educational carousel into a reel

  • Turn your reel into a longer video by adding some information

  • Turn the mini-training you did on your stories into a feed video

  • Turn a longer video into multiple reels

If you don't already have a lot of social media content, you could also repurpose some blog posts or even Youtube videos.


Good content is good content and you should maximise each post's potential!

3) Scroll more mindfully & save content you like/want to recreate:

Start scrolling more mindfully and whenever you see a post that you like and want to recreate you can save it in a separate Instagram folder.

This will help you with inspiration for new posts and help you to stop the mindless scrolling. Your mental health will thank you!

BUT: I don't mean that you should actually copy someone else's post! I mean that you should get inspired by the way they explain a concept, how they designed the post, or maybe even just 1 idea out of that post. Try to put your own spin on it and include your personal experience!

4) Go to other platforms for inspiration:

My two favourite platforms for Instagram content inspiration are Pinterest for quotes and TikTok for videos.

You can start a folder on your Pinterest account & save posts that inspire you there. For Tiktok, just give the video a like and you will be able to find it back on your profile later.

If you want to take content creation more seriously from now on, download the content calendar template on my website! Once you've done that you'll receive a series of emails packed with more tips about content creation. It's all free and delivered directly into your mailbox!

Talk to you soon!



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