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Hanna Rauch, blonde woman with blue blazer, sitting at a desk, smiling at the camera

Strategy Deep Dive

A comprehensive and personalised audit of your social media marketing strategy.

HELP! Why is social media not working for me?

You are posting on social media but still aren't growing consistently.

You want to use your limited time to work on things that ACTUALLY make a difference.

You are an expert at what you do but your socials don't reflect that.

You have made investments in the past that haven't paid off or you are about to make a decision on what to invest in.

You are confused about what advice to follow online. 

Sounds like you?

It's frustrating to work hard on something & not see any results.

You are not the only one who feels that way. In the last 3 years, I have spoken to many entrepreneurs who feel disheartened.

They are working hard to grow their businesses every single day and make a difference in the world but their social media pages don't reflect that. 

Hanna Rauch, a blonde woman in a pink blouse smiles at the camera

You could continue wasting your time (and 💸💸💸)...






Wondering what you are doing wrong & why social media isn’t working for your business.

Uploading posts without being sure if they will perform at all.

Leaving money on the table because you are focusing on the wrong things & don't reach the right people.

Following every "hack" under the sun without actually understanding the real reason why you aren't growing.

Downloading yet another freebie that you aren't ever going to look at.

Ultimately, you continue to waste time (and money)  working on something that isn't bringing results.


Hi, I'm Hanna!

A year ago, I was stuck in my 9-5 job, commuting more than 3h every day to sit at my desk and feel like I am wasting my potential. 

Today, I run my own business where I get to help others to get visible online & sell out their services - all that while I travel & explore beautiful New Zealand!

If only someone could tell you what's wrong...

Imagine if...
You had a social media expert take a close look at your social media strategy as a whole & give you custom recommendations on what to fix.

You knew exactly which things worked & which things haven't. And of course, what parts of your strategy you might need to work on.

You had the confidence that what you are doing is actually working & that you aren’t just wasting your time.

Hanna Rauch, blonde woman in a light green blazer stands with a cup of tea in her hand

This would mean you could finally focus on other tasks in your business without stressing out about your socials. You would be confident that the effort you put in will actually be worth it.

Yes, buying another Instagram course will definitely help...

Of course, you can:

  • Continue as it is & hope for the best (spoiler alert: if nothing changes, nothing changes.)

  • Following generic advice "social media gurus" give you online but they will not be personalised to your situation nor aligned with your business goals.

  • Join a group coaching program where all you do is listen to other people's struggles but never get advice for your business.

Direct access to me for the duration of the program

The Strategy Deep Dive

A comprehensive & personalised audit of your social media marketing that helps you pinpoint weaknesses and understand what you need to change in the future.

Here's how it works

​​In the first step of the process, it’s all about getting to know you and your business. I want to know what you have tried already, listen to your struggles, and understand what role social media plays in your marketing. We do this with a questionnaire & a call on Zoom.

Then it’s time for me to analyse. Within 10 business days, you'll receive a personalised and comprehensive report outlining weaknesses and opportunities in your strategy. This report includes both suggestions for quick fixes as well as changes you can implement in the long term. 

Last but not least, there's an option to book a catch-up call in which you can ask me all of your questions about the report & we sketch out what next steps you need to take. 

Book your audit

Fill out a questionnaire

Meet with me on Zoom

Get your personalised report

(Optional) Follow-up call

Your investment:

$999 NZD

I was looking for an outside POV on my business to overcome some struggles and get to the next level.

I couldn’t have asked for better.
Hanna was professional, generous with her time, kind and friendly. 

She gave me an amazing report along with a very useful follow-up session full of concreteness.
What I loved the most was that the audit was on my entire business and not only on Instagram, because it's important to look at the bigger picture.

Ambra, Personal Branding expert @Marketing Café

The strategy deep dive will give you:

Confidence that your work pays off.

Strategic guidance by an expert who knows YOUR situation & gives advice based on that.

Personalised recommendations aligned with your business goals.

It saves you time & money in the long term because you know exactly what to focus on & what to invest in. 

Hanna Rauch, a blonde girl sitting in front of a sofa with a book in her hand, smiling at the camera


Hanna Rauch, a blonde woman sitting at her desk and writing notes in her notebook

Still not convinced?

This audit isn't for everyone and that's okay. 

If you have some more questions or would like to get to know me better, click below.

Hanna was able to very quickly pinpoint what we needed out of this audit. The report blew us away. It was comprehensive, offered interesting and creative solutions and tasks for us to improve our social presence.
The follow up call taught me so much and actually made me excited to get cracking on our socials!

Anneliese, Magic Beans 
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